Terminal Server

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Terminal Server

Postby rpu_bus » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:00 pm

To access an Arduino Uno serial port on a network is sometimes done with a program called a terminal server.

One way terminal servers work is to provide a port on the network to connect the serial port. That network port allows other computers to access. Unfortunately, this method is a bad practice.

Network security is one of the many areas I am no expert, but do know enough to never allow a raw serial port from a terminal server on a network.

A better way to access a serial port remotely is to make an SSH connection to the computer that has the serial connection to the embedded hardware (Uno) and use a program to operate the serial port. A program like picocom can provide access to local serial port hardware and can be run through the SSH connection to provide a remote interface that is secured by SSH.

At this time an ESP8266 is not able to provide an SSH connection so using it as a client is best. I like the idea of using an ESP8266 and MQTT.

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