SMD Pick and Place

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SMD Pick and Place

Postby rpu_bus » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:02 pm

Nate at Sparkfun has some blogs of interest

Desktop PnP CHMT36VA:
Cover Tape Leader for CHMT36VA:
CHMT36VA Software:
CHMT36VA Software mods:

The Charmhigh CHMT36VA looks impressive for the cost. It does not have enough feeders for some of my boards but I can hand place a few parts that are single placements. Also, some parts are expensive and I will need to order them in small groups (10,25, or 50) and they should be hand placed.

I want to see how a drag tape system works on the Charmhigh. I have seen plenty of the 250k$ machines over the past 25 years. They all had problems that made mountains of rework from time to time. I think the drag tape could be a reasonable answer for small production runs.

On [ycombinator] the comments about SparkX's idea of using a CHMT36VA seem to be all over the place.


Some people are interested and others defending there choice to outsource. I have seen so much go wrong with products from PnP lines that I would rather go slow and put some in a few hands and then a few more. Anyway this seems like a good way to build a few hundred boards and test the water. In reality I am likely only going to sale a few hundred boards per year.

What about Kickstarter (e.g. crowdfunding), well I have two boards, a [Teensy] and a [Blackmagic]. I have not used either. The problem is I have paid for stuff that is just going to end up in the landfill, why do I feel good about that? I like the idea of both those boards, but I am not using them, it turns out the Raspberry Pi does the full toolchain for my projects, including the debugger and I can see how to use the SAMD21 and SAMD51 on my projects but not the Teensy. I knew all this when I funded each. Crowdfunding is yet another way to feel good about generating trash.

[Teensy]: ... -35-and-36
[Blackmagic]: ... g-arm-prog

Organic sales and organic growth use to be an important ingredient in the buzz word salad of business, but in the fake world of now those ideas have gone missing. Anyway, I hope to supply a few boards to people that have a use rather than a lot of boards to people that are looking for a dopamine hit.

[Openpnp] looks interesting but I think it is not really what I want.


I think a command line interface (CLI) based program is what I want. OpenCV looks like it could do the vision stuff, and the image files from OpenCV can be shared with samba so I can look at what OpenCV is seeing when the machine stops. Driving the motion control hardware could show an echo of each step on a CLI so no GUI is needed, and then I can run it over an SSH terminal.

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