Kernel Module for ICP

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Kernel Module for ICP

Postby rpu_bus » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:16 pm

This is outside my wheelhouse, e.g. I am in no way an expert at this sort of thing. So I will differ:

Why would someone want to make a kernel module? Well as it turns out I do have an example that I looked into. A turbine flow meter produces a pulse that can tell a lot about the flow. The pulse rate (or timing the pulse) tells about the flow rate, and counting tells about the flow volume. Calibration is done by timing the flow pulses against a displacers movement events, e.g. between the start and stop pulses (or flags). To accurately measure a pulse time event capture hardware can be used, pin interrupts are not really good at accurate time measurements. So if I want to use capture hardware with Linux I would need to do a kernel module for the capture hardware.

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