NightLight Video

ATmega328p Controller /w pluggable connectors for 6 constant current LED drivers with PWM control
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NightLight Video

Postby rpu_bus » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:32 pm

This program was ported form RPUno it runs timers that enable and disable the LED channels to make them blink. In the video I shine a light on a red LED used as a light sensor (sort of like a tiny solar cell). Once a nine second day and night debounce is done (normally it would be about 15 minutes), the program loads EEPROM data and runs through the timer cycles.


This is a ^0 board, each channel is doing 160mA rather than what I expected. I think I found the problem and an updated ^1 board is on the way, but this is to bright for the camera already so I don't have a clue how I should show it.

The lamp is basically firewood with a hole drilled though and hot glued to a ceramic tile for the stand. A stainless steamer basket is used to control the light, and the [RGB] LED's are mounted with hot glue also.


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