RS422 Shield

ATmega1284p Controller /w pluggable connectors for 7LATCH, 7DIO, 2ICP, 4ADC
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RS422 Shield

Postby rpu_bus » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:58 pm

RPUpi and RPUadpt are RS422 shields that connect to controller boards serial (RX/TX) lines. The RPUpi crosses over the host computer (Pi Zero) serial lines to the RS422. As a result, the host can talk to both the ATmega1284p on Irrigate7 and the ATmega328p on RPUno through the multidrop interface. The microcontrollers are programmed with the GNU GCC toolchain for AVR which is available on Raspiban (an OS that runs on the Pi Zero). The toolchain can build firmware (projects) for both the RPUno and Irrigate7.

Irrigat7^2,WithRPUpi^2_RS422to_RPUno^6_RPUadpt^5.jpg (179.87 KiB) Viewed 144 times

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