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Postby rpu_bus » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:27 pm

I am trying out the editor I keep hearing about.

Looking at the C files for RPUno, and they look good on the editor. It even knows how to do tabs in the makefile, I don't see a show stopper to trying it for a few days.

I use Hg, and VS Code can see the history, but it does not show the diff for the file (a handled error occurs). Anyway, I am still impressed, I have been using TortoiseHg to look at the Diff's and other things Hg related.

On the Git side, I think I will ignore that integration for now and just use the GitHub tools, and some TortoiseGit as well.

Anyway Well done Microsoft this may be the first product of yours that I can use for a general purposes task. It will put your name in my view as I struggle to solve problems and then with some luck when I find a way to get things to work I can feel good, which is how I know that I have remembered something, anyway your name will be on the tools that helped me do it.

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