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Open Source

Postby rpu_bus » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:52 pm

I visited with some friends from the past, it was good to see them, but I think my values are shifting. I have not been immersed in a business environment for some time now. I think the constant exposure to business ideologies makes people from those settings see stuff in a light that is more compatible with those ideologies.

The main ideology I remember being exposed to was that growth was good, and the business needed to keep growing. I have been at odds with that idea for some time.

I went through a phase where I reduced my footprint, I could see that spending monies were proportional to the resource used (normally oil, but also other stuff). Buying food at the store was like donating to a cause whose aim was to clear-cut the last spot in nature and provide a crop in its place. Well, that thinking has shifted since the land is gone, now the monies are mostly used to amplify production (e.g. glyphosate).

The Open Source ideology has been a long-standing escape for me. When I want to like the world I live in a little more I can always look into some open source project. The idea that some are willing to contribute in what I consider to be meaningful ways is very encouraging. Unfortunately, crowdfunding has turned open source into a sort of bait, which I do not like.

My views on open source hardware are more complicated, but if the tools are open I would like to see a market develop for products that use those tools and provide the design files for reviewing and/or modifying the design.

Most of the computers I have got over the years were made by various company's to which MS Windows was added as the starting OS. After the computer was old and a new version of Windows did not work I put Linux on it, and it would then keep going. I had no idea that hardware targeting Windows would be an indicator of giving a long useful life (except a Sony PC which Linux did not like).

One of the nice things Open Source has done for me is to reduce (or at least delay) the junk I send to the landfill.

I'm not really religious about Open Source but I do see it as a good philosophy. I think it has been demonized a fair amount by the business ideologies it is not compatible with, but I also think most can see how and why it is demonized (and mostly ignore them).

For my own projects I like that I can start them and tinker until something pulls my attention away, and then if someone finds it they can run with it, perhaps in a new direction.

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