A little something fresh every day

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A little something fresh every day

Postby rpu_bus » Mon May 15, 2017 1:31 pm

Years ago and many times since I have seen documentaries, studies, and published peer-reviewed papers that seem to indicate that fresh whole foods are healthy. This was of little concern when I was younger but the concern has increased as age has lessened my ability to build the organic compounds that keep things working perfectly. Some studies suggested (my interpretation of their results, not theirs) it may be possible to cheat and not have to make all those organic compounds that have a short shelf-life. The problem then becomes one of freshness, and I have found that the foods in a health food store were not fresher than at Walmart. Unfortunately, even though the food moves fast at Walmart it is still not fresh enough (but it is better than the competitors). If Blue Apron could actually get fresh produce to customers that would be a big deal.

There are many organic compounds in a freshly picked squash, its DNA is used to make RNA that is used to make other molecules using a complicated framework of molecules that were them-self made. When I eat something that is fresh many of the molecules are in what I will call a high state of usefulness.


Unfortunately most of those compounds have a short shelf life and are definitely destroyed during cooking. When someone picked a Squash ages ago did they put it on a truck and send it to a warehouse so it could wait in a FIFO until it was just the right age to ensure there was always plenty on the shelf at the store. Did they even cook it? The only way to get fresh food is to grow it yourself. Could it be that fresh food is the true medicine, well maybe but it is probably more about programming.

Evolution is sort of like a programming tool that works with those genes and DNA. The thing is it has programmed my ancestors in an environment where the actions of seeing the food, picking the food and then immediately eating that food are the norm. Some foods can be stored like nuts, but most just become mummified. Not everything I eat needs to be fresh and uncooked, but having some almost every day is how other animals live and is likely how I was programmed by natural selection to live.

Which is more important health insurance or fresh vegetables? I'm going to argue that fresh vegetables are more important, first I spend my monies on a system that can provide those. If there are some monies left after gaining the ability to have fresh (truly fresh) vegetables on a regular basis then perhaps I'll spend the leftover monies on our modern healthcare mind virus, which I see as being a lottery (there is no guarantee any of the technologies will be applicable) system of technological wonders.

The lottery system is based on technologies. If a technology will fix the problem then you win, well if you have been playing the lottery that is.

A mind virus is an idea that brings harm to the host or to others. The world of humanity is full of diseased ideas, disease like aspects can be seen in many of our ideas. The first clue is if someone or a group is trying to deploy the idea, just like I'm trying to deploy this idea. A mind virus can act as a guide for a group to harm another group (Manifest destiny, Neocons, Nazism). Once infected the idea can never be removed, I can not delete the code for an idea that caused the neural networks infection, deep learning is showing that teaching is very important and it is easy to fuck up a neural network beyond usefulness. Evolution and its programming tricks did not plan on the pain it would cause its creations, but consider if you are given a choice to have your collection of mind virus uploaded into one of these deep learning computers or letting nature run its track, which will you chose.

The ideas in my head are mostly layers of stuff from TV, YouTube, Netflix, years of work, and a University education. It is mostly copied from others, the stuff really can't be lost, it is cloned into too many repositories. After understanding that one of my fears of loss went away.

Dying is inevitable, but it seems we are nearing a time when preserving a mind or a fingerprint of the mind may actually be possible if that sort of shit is what you want. As a lifeform, I am a self-maintaining system that really just needs food, but when things start to go wrong it gets complicated. When the doctor sees a fit for a technological wonder to help with whatever is going wrong, it is in exchange for something of value. If that something of value is forcibly extracted from others, that is a harmful relationship. Spreading that harm evenly makes it inversely propionate to how much wealth one has. The idea that has evolved into our modern healthcare mind virus now puppet masters its infected into a relationship where they consider spreading harm OK. Note that this is a core trait of some mind virus, and helps them to act like a permission system that allows the holder to harm while at the same time thinking they are doing good. Is everyone really willing to harm others to gain access to these technological wonders, I can't be the only one that sees a problem. I want to opt out, if I can't pay for the healthcare myself then I am OK with passing the torch, however, green I may be in life I can undo that quick near the end (dollars spent mean resources are utilized).

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Re: A little something fresh every day

Postby rpu_bus » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:34 pm

Life will take care of itself, just do nothing and it works. But to be honest a delicate nudge from the most powerful neural network that has ever existed is not to be discounted. If only it wasn't so full of itself, but then the peacock tail would not work if it wasn't full of itself (haha... ).

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